Everyone is welcome to create a Room on StockTwits!

Each StockTwits Room will have their own set of room rules determined by the Room owner. While StockTwits will not be directly moderating/enforcing any individual room rules, we still expect certain general behaviors not to take place in any room. We will be monitoring our community in general, including periodic audits of Rooms, as well as through community feedback.

As always we expect Room Owners and Moderators to take certain behavior seriously and not practice and/or allow certain types of activity within your rooms. The following behaviors are prohibited and can get a room suspended.

  • Threats: You or your room participants may not send messages that threaten another person on StockTwits.
  • Derogatory Language: You or your room participants may not send messages that are derogatory or racist against a particular group of people. This includes messages pertaining to gender, sexual identity, religion, etc.
  • Plagiarism: You or your room participants may not copy and/or share any information and pass it on as your own, including from other StockTwits rooms.
  • Illegal Activity: You or your room participants may not engage in any sharing of inside information, spreading rumors, or anything else that is deemed illegal or manipulating in nature.
  • Stock Manipulation: Rooms and room activity that is believed to explicitly move a stock, especially low volume, low float “penny stocks”.
  • Multiple room manipulation: Multiple Rooms from the same owner with different positions on a stock, made in the spirit of deceiving the community.
  • Room Spamming: Creating many Rooms that are not active or joining other rooms to solicit people to join your room.
  • Personal Information: Posting someone’s personal/private information without consent.
  • Outside Products or Services: Rooms can not be used to promote any outside products or services. If you wish to create a premium service on StockTwits, email us about Premium Rooms.
  • Misrepresentation: Creating Rooms that try to impersonate/represent a Company, individual, or otherwise try to misrepresent someone’s likeness.
  • Room Promotion on Public Ticker Streams: Sending unsolicited replies or mentions promoting a room on the StockTwits $TICKER streams.

If you or your room members violate these rules

StockTwits as a platform, still has the ability to suspend users for violations of House Rules and Best Practices primarily from the StockTwits streams themselves. It is important to note that violations received on StockTwits streams will carry over to Rooms. As a room’s owner or room participant, if you get suspended on StockTwits streams, you will also be suspended in StockTwits Rooms, including a room you own. StockTwits may, at its own discretion take control over a room. This will only be done in the best interest of the room and only when a room is left abandoned/abused by an owner that has an existing thriving community. We will then attempt to transfer ownership to a room participant/moderator who wishes to continue to maintain the room.

StockTwits will:

  • Continue to suspend users from the platform that violate our House Rules and Room Rules.
  • Regularly audit rooms to ensure that they are keeping up with general StockTwits standards listed above.
  • Reach out to room owners based on community feedback, so that they can address any problems early on.

StockTwits won’t:

  • Suspend users or delete messages from your room, unless the user gets suspended completely from the platform for violation of House Rules, Terms of Service, or Room Rules

StockTwits expects room owners to enforce the House Rules and Room Rules mentioned above. StockTwits will attempt to reach out to owners that are not upholding these standards so that they may be corrected. In a case where an owner ignores these requests, a warning will be issued. If warnings are ignored, the room can be suspended and/or StockTwits can start the process of transferring room ownership to a willing and able member from the room who will uphold these rules.

Abandoned Rooms

In order to keep a thriving room going, StockTwits will transfer ownership to a willing and able participant if a Room owner is inactive for extended periods of time and/or abandons a room. In this case, StockTwits will seek out current/active moderators first, followed by active room participants. StockTwits will make every effort to contact the Room owner before transferring ownership. If nobody wants to manage it we will archive the room.

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