3X ETF Swing Trading using Elliott Wave based analysis combined with proprietary indicators!

In my swing trade subscription service, I frequently deploy 3x ETF trading along with Individual Stocks to reduce overall single stock trading risks. This subscription will focus solely on 3x ETF trades with entry, target, stop loss and ongoing updates on each open trade using Elliott Wave based analysis along with other proprietary indicator I’ve developed over 17 years of providing advisory services to active investors.

3x ETF Swing Trading works best with simple Elliott Wave analysis I’ve developed over 17 years. Bullish or Impulse waves can yield fast results on the upside and Corrective waves can benefit from short term to intermediate downtrends.

We will focus on a few sets of Bull/Bear 3x ETF pairs such as SPXL/SPXU, TNA/TZA, LABU/LABD, NUGT/DUST & others.

The goal is 8-15% gains on each swing. I am looking for the strong reversals and breakouts of base patterns.

For more details please review The3xetftrader.com

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Mike Bozzello

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