SP500 System Trading

Trade with ease using my proprietary price-based trading systems for SPY/SH, SSO/SDS, SPXL/SPXU.

ONLY trading signals and trades are posted. No distracting chatter, opinions, etc that you will find in other on-line trading rooms. You don’t need to know any technical analysis, Elliott wave theory, options flow, support/resistance, cycles, news etc. All you do is execute the systems’ buy/hold/sell signals. No 2nd guessing. Clean and simple.

Honestly, profitable trading doesn’t get much simpler than this: All you do is act upon my systems posts which will tell you exactly what to do. That’s all there is to it. Does profitable trading get any simpler than that!? NO!

1) With my systems you don’t have to follow the markets intra-day.

2) Anybody with a 9 -5 job can execute the trades, orders are placed after the markets close and executed at the open the next day.

3) Contrary to popular believe, my systems’ results show buying and selling the open vs the close gives >30% more profits.

4) My system does not prevent losing trades but gets bigger winners and smaller losers.

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Mike Bozzello

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