How will I receive updates or Alerts?
Currently StockTwits will push out an IOS and Android notification to Mobile devices on the Stocktwits app. Also an Email will go out each time as well.  The room obviously publishes all updates and you can check the room at anytime to review.
What is your ES Trading Track Record?
We have been publishing SP 500 Market Map forecasts for 9 years now with extreme accuracy and we have been asked for years to start a SP 500 Future Trading Service based on our work.  We launched the Stocktwits.Com Premium ES Futures Trading Room in late October. As of Feb 11 2019 we have had about 18 trades with net points gained of 182, or 182%. We keep the track record online once you join the room and update it after each trade.

How often will you send out E Mini Trade Alerts?

We will be patient and attempt to define the best risk/reward set-ups, as opposed to pushing out too many trades just to trade. If that means a few trades a month, that is fine with us — if we think our odds of success are better.

What is the time frame of the E-Mini Trades?

We are not looking to be day-trading scalpers, but if we get a strong move in our favor, we may move to take those profits. However we have had several 1 day trades that have been quite successful.

Generally, we are going to define the downside risk upon entering the trade and look for a certain target level. If that takes a few days, a week, or even a few weeks, that is fine. Some trades will be short-term and some we may define as intermediate term holding windows with  a bit more room for downside volatility built in. We will advise if (in our opinion( this is a shorter-term (day to days) trade or possibly an intermediate term (Week or Weeks) trade set up.

What else besides trade alerts will you provide to subscribers?

During the market trading week, we will share our morning SP 500 charts that we provide for our existing swing trade members. We usually  publish these forecast models by 9AM EST each morning.

We will also have scheduled Q&A and our general open forum chat sessions during the week with Dave.

What is your experience and background?

I also run an Auto-Trade Futures platform with a Chicago Futures trading firm. 

I was a successful Independent Investment Advisor for many years (2001-2009) with my own independent practice in New England. After the market crash of 2008-2009, I decided to share my research, market forecasting, and trading abilities with the public via subscription services. I ran a market forecasting and swing trading service with a partner in Canada for four years, and in 2013, branched out on my own and started as a free research and advisory service.

During the 2009-2013 window, I was a frequent contributor on gold to as well as with Alix Steele on Gold forecasting. I also provided research and market forecast articles to numerous websites, along with my paying subscribers. My Elliott Wave-based models are unlike traditional wave analysts in that I incorporate 7-8 additional behavioral and also proprietary fibonacci models to reduce risk and improve the accuracy of the forecasts. These are incorporated into my subscription services on a daily and weekly basis for my swing trade subscribers so they know what our “Market Map” is in advance.

Peter Brandt, (Factor LLC) is one of the most respected futures traders in the world with an incredible track record. He called me “The best Elliott Wave analyst I have seen.” I use a contrarian approach to both forecasting and swing trading which is why, in my opinion, it  produced strong results since 2013 with a 70% success rate on all trades closed out since the September 2013 inception of

I currently run, and for my subscribers plus my ESALERTS.COM Auto Trade SP 500 futures service.

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Scott Steinhardt

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