ElliottWavePinballWizard is designed to help investors stay one step ahead of the market.

Hosted by Avi Gilburt…The ElliottWavePinballWizard room features my analysis on U.S indices, precious metals, oil and the US dollar, presented in intraday posts as well as nightly and weekend reports. You’ll also be invited to join us pre-market each Wednesday for a live Webinar!

This room is the purest distillation of my updated approach to Elliott Wave analysis, designed to provide you regular market updates so you know my directional bias, particularly on the S&P 500 and precious metals (gold, GDX and silver).

How is my approach different? In a nutshell, it’s a smarter way to invest because I rely on a mix of sentiment and proven mathematical analysis instead of following the herd. I start with the traditional structure of Elliott Wave analysis, which is then enhanced by our Fibonacci Pinball method, which provides a more objective framework to the traditional Elliott Wave analysis.

Those unfamiliar with Elliott Wave will also be able to quickly grasp the concepts since we provide educational articles to explain our methodology. Additionally, in our weekly Webinars on Wednesday, I will personally walk you through the charts I analyze in multiple time frames so you can better understand our analysis.

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Scott Steinhardt

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