Where we gameplan and discuss potential plays based on my proven system.

About me: I started investing in the market as another way to make money and realized that I had stumbled onto a whole new world. I realized there was much more to this game than simply believing in a particular stock. I immersed myself and created a criteria based system where;

I’ve spent years building a strict systematic criteria of risk mitigation unlike any other in the game, resulting in an unrivaled accuracy rate. Every play has a plan and a strategy.

Instead of looking for reasons to buy a stock like many traders, I look for reasons not to buy.

There are hundreds of hidden gems out there. It’s my job to discover & track them.

In my room, I’ll be sharing:

  1. Daily watchlists
  2. Chat for questions & real time answers.
  3. Detailed points describing what I’m seeing & what to look for

I hope to be able to teach others the simple magic that results from structured trading, and share with you, what I’ve been discovering every single day in the market!

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Mike Bozzello

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