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Help icon How do I add a chart to a StockTwits Stream?

To post a chart directly from StockTwits, click the chart icon in the bottom left corner of the message box. This will then ask you to select an image to upload.

chart sharing on StockTwits

Once uploaded a chart, you can declare your chart Bearish or Bullish.

chart sharing on StockTwits

Don't forget you can still add a message describing your chart, and add a $Ticker to attach your chart to a particular Stock.

Hit the "Share" button when your ready to post your chart.

You can view any chart by clicking on it in a stream, doing this will expand the chart making it easier to view and see the details of the chart.

Please make sure to only include relevant Tickers, as charts will show up on all stream that you add tickers to.

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