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StockTwits has an incredibly diverse financial community. On StockTwits there are investors or traders with different timeframes, strategies, and techniques. It is important to find the best in each of these categories. It’s really easy to do that on StockTwits, and this guide shows how in three simple steps:

  1. One of the quickest ways to find excellent follows is to surf the stock streams that interest you for market professionals sharing valuable content. In the example below, we opened up the Bank Of New York Mellon, $BK, stream and started reading several messages. As we scrolled down the page we noticed a great comment about a specific option observation. We hovered our mouse over the profile, saw he was listed as a professional, and then clicked follow:

  2. A second great way to find new follows on StockTwits is to use the filtering options available to you on StockTwits. While surfing any specific stock stream you can sort messages by All, Top, Charts, or Links. In the example below, we show you how to do this. We went to the $AAPL stream and decided to look for our favorite technical analysis charts:

  3. The final way to find top follows, and especially the people on StockTwits who are growing their follow base the fastest is to use the Signals page. In this section you will find users who gaining in popularity or rising the ranks in specific sectors. Follow these two screenshots to find the Signals page:

  4. StockTwits will also suggest user to you based off of your interest and how you filled out your Trading Profile. These user can be found under Whom to follow.


    What! were not suggesting the right users for you. Check out to search profiles based off your own interest. Select different intrest and trading strategies to customize your search.


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