Example: "Where is the company located?" or "Can I order your product online?"

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Help icon The Do's and Dont's of Promoting your Business on StockTwits

Do: Include great content, both on and off StockTwits.
Don’t: Post the same messages over and over again.

Do: Link to awesome articles, charts and what not on yours sites.
Don’t: Share links that go to your home page or a sales pitch.

Do: Reply to other StockTwits users ideas, comment. like their posts if it’s a really good idea.
Don’t: Spam users with follow requests on links to promotional content.

Do: Engage in conversation on StockTwits and help users with your ideas and trades
Don’t: Boastfully touting gains derived from your product/service. This is generally frowned upon. Instead, show users how to use your product so that they, too, can enjoy similar gains.

Do: Follow other users on StockTwits who you are generally interested in.
Don’t: Follow aimlessly with the hopes of getting "Follow Backs"

Do: Reply to users in a timely fashion. It helps to be on StockTwits a least once every market day.
Don’t: Only use StockTwits to promote your product. We want you on StockTwits because you are passionate investor who loves the site and want's to contribute more to the community.

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