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Sharing content on StockTwits is a great way to reach out to your followers as well as actively promote yourself on the site. Below are some helpful tip to ensure the best results when sharing content on StockTwits:

  • Actively Engage with the StockTwits community: Send messages to your followers, like other ideas on StockTwits, be prepared to respond to every one of your replies and mentions on StockTwits. Anything that gets you talking with the community we love, and so will your followers.
  • Share Relevant Content: When you share an idea make sure to tag any relevant CashTags in the message to broadcast your ideas to those streams. Also keep in mind not to do the opposite and DON'T tag irrelevant CashTags. Often times users view messages with lots of CashTags as spam. The ideal number is between 1 and 3 tags but this can aways very depending on the context.
  • Share ideas Derived from your Product: Share trades and ideas from your product itself. It never hurts to give things away for free, and it's a great way to attract new followers and customers.
  • Share Awesome Links: 140 characters isn't always the best format for sharing ideas, which is why StockTwits lets you put links into messages. Links should alway go back to an idea or information related to the contents of your post on StockTwits.

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