Example: "Where is the company located?" or "Can I order your product online?"

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Help icon How market professionals are using StockTwits to build their brand

StockTwits offers market professionals immediate brand exposure. By sharing valuable insights and commentary market professionals on StockTwits can increase brand awareness, total follower count, build meaningful relationships with potential customers. In this guide we will show you two quick steps on how StockTwits can build brand awareness:

  1. The second you share an idea on StockTwits and tag it with $TICKER it will appear in the designated StockTwits stream. Everyone watching that stream will see it immediately:

  2. By filling out a complete profile and linking to your professional website the StockTwits community will be aware of your professional services and designations. Here is an example of completed profile with a link back to the professional’s website:

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