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Help icon Discovering Breaking Stories on StockTwits

Thousands of ideas are shared on StockTwits each day and that’s why it’s an amazing tool for media companies to discover new stories. StockTwits has several features freely available to media companies that can help with idea and story generation. In this guide we will show you two of them.

One of the best ways to new stories on StockTwits is to use the StockTwits Trending Ticker Bar. The Trending Ticker Bar on StockTwits ranks stocks at any given moment by number of messages and interest it is seeing.

Stocks trending on StockTwits are usually making a significant move or seeing breaking news. Here is how the StockTwits Trending Ticker Bar looks and where to find it:


StockTwits has also created a page that shows the stocks that are seeing the greatest social interest over any timeframe. This page is called Signals. The Signals page offers countless insights about trending stocks, sectors, and changes in general social interest. Below we’ve share two screenshots that show you how to get to the Signals page and what it offers:

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