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Help icon What is StockTwits all about?
StockTwits® is a financial communications platform for the financial and investing community.The company was f...

Help icon Can you guide me to your long list of Disclaimers?
For those very few people who would like to read our List of Disclaimers.

Help icon Where can I find the StockTwits Terms of Use?
Click the link to read the StockTwits Terms of Use.

Help icon I'd like to read the StockTwits Privacy Policy, where can I find it?
Click the link to read the StockTwits Privacy Policy.

Help icon Who is part of the StockTwits Team?
Here is a list of the awesome people that comprise the StockTwits Team.

Help icon Where can I find the official StockTwits Blog?
You can find the Official Stocktwits Blog HERE.

Help icon What symbols are recognized by StockTwits?
Currently, StockTwits recognizes US stocks (excluding micro cap, Pink Sheet, and bulletin board stocks), FX sy...

Help icon How do I delete my StockTwits Account?
If you would like to delete your StockTwits account email us at and we can assist you.

Help icon What is the StockTwits Extended Network ?
The StockTwits Extended Network is comprised of several financial site and social networks to maximize the vis...

Help icon How do I reset my password?
If you need to reset your password Click Here. Enter your email address in the email field, you will then rec...