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Help icon What are StockTwits Stream Filters?

Busy Streams can now be filtered in different ways to display the information you're most interested in. Default stream preferences can be set in your profile settings, Click Here to update them.

The Top Stream is set as the default stream on ticker pages. This stream is comprised of and internal algorithm to pick some of StockTwits Top users. Choose this stream for the most accurate information about a particular stock.

The All Stream shows all post for a particular stock, every post, every chart, and every link. If you want all the information you can handle this is the stream for you.

The Charts Stream shows just charts on a stock. This is useful if you're a user who is interested in using charts as an analytical tool.

The Video Stream is made up of users post who have opted to use the StockTwits screen cast feature to upload a video of their chart. If you like to look at charts, but want a little bit more of an explanation about the chart, check out some of the videos in this stream.

The Link Stream is filtered to just links users have posted to a particular Stock Stream. These are links for articles, charts, videos and more. Any source of information that's not already on StockTwits can be found here.

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