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Help icon How do I share my ideas with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

With the new StockTwits Message Box sending our your messages to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn has never been easier! You can connect your social accounts if they aren't already and easily choose which social networks you would like your ideas to be shared with directly from the message box.

Start by clicking on the message box and typing out the idea you wish to share.


You will then see a row of grayed out icons in the bottom left hand corner of the message box. From left to right these are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Click on the ones you would like to share your message with. If you have not yet connected these accounts you will be prompted to do so.


When you click the "Connect" button you will be redirected to the appropriate website to validate and authorize that you wish to connect your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account to StockTwits. After you have done so you will be redirected back to StockTwits. You will now notice that the icon will be lit up.


Click on the "Share" button and your idea will be sent to all of the other social networks that you have chosen for that idea to go to.

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