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Help icon Sharing Articles and Breaking News on StockTwits

Investors visit StockTwits each day to find the latest news about a stock or company they follow. Media companies on StockTwits are some of the most followed and visited sources for breaking news and quality stories. In this guide we’ll demonstrate how media companies can break news and share stories on StockTwits.

How to share with the StockTwits community:

Media companies that gain traction on StockTwits offer value on a daily basis. The two most common ways you can do this are:

  1. Share stories and insights about stocks and financial markets that traders and investors will find useful.
  2. Break news about specific stocks and become a trusted news source on StockTwits.

Sharing stories on StockTwits is easy. It will also increase brand awareness, reach, and traffic. Below we’ve given two examples of how one specific media company, @Street_Insider, uses StockTwits. In the first example, they share a piece of breaking news. In the second example, they share an insightful article with the community.

  1. When Qualcomm increased its buyback plan on March 6, 2014, @Street_Insider was one of the first media companies to share a story about:

  2. On March 6, 2014 several stocks were making massive moves in pre-market trading. @Street_Insider wrote an article covering each of these stocks and shared it like this:

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