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Market professionals on StockTwits are some of the most followed and watched users on StockTwits. Market professionals on StockTwits are known for sharing insightful commentary about stocks and financial markets. They often do this with charts, written messages, or links to their blog posts. In this guide we’ll demonstrate how market professionals leverage StockTwits to share ideas:

How to share with the StockTwits community:

Market professionals that gain traction on StockTwits are active and insightful. The two most common ways you can do this are:

  1. Share charts, commentary and links about stocks and financial markets that traders and investors will find useful.
  2. Interact with the community by following other users on StockTwits, building your own follower base, and engaging in live discussion.

On StockTwits, there are thousands of investors and traders who want to see the commentary from a market professional. Below we’ve shared two examples from market professional J.C. Parets, @AllStarCharts. In the first example, he shares a technical chart. In the second example he demonstrates how he interacts with the community on a daily basis.

  1. @AllStarCharts saw an interesting chart and shared it with the community:

  2. @AllStarCharts interacts with another market professional in a conversation about coal:

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