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Help icon Adding your stream to your IR website

StockTwits offers a stream widgets that let you incorporate your StockTwits ideas or your Company's Ticker Stream into a company website. To create a company stream widget visit

You will see several options here to created different streams. Today we are creating a User widget for your companies stream. From the Widget Type option, select Username and enter in your StockTwits username into username field.


Next give your widget a title. This can be something as simple as "My ideas on StockTwits". Enter in a title into the Widget Title field.


The Next step is to customize the look of your widget. You can change the size of your widget in the Dimensions field, the default size is 300px x 300px but you can change this to fit your site. If you are familiar with CSS you can customize the look of your widget further using the editor below.


Once you’ve customized your widget, click the preview button to see a preview of what your new StockTwits Stream Widget will look like.


If you are satisfied with the look, click Finish and Grab Code. If you’re not satisfied, you can still make changes, just make sure to click Finish and Grab Code before proceeding to the next step.


Next, grab the code. You can then place this code anywhere in your website where you want to display a StockTwits stream.

If you have any trouble adding a stream widget to your site, please email

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