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Welcome to your new Official Business account on StockTwits. In this walkthrough we will go over key points in setting up your Profile on StockTwits.

Picking a Username:

The first thing you will want to do is pick a username. This is what will identify you in the StockTwits community and to your followers StockTwits. It’s a good idea to include to choose a username that matches your business name (e.g. yCharts, CMEGroup, Covestor)

You can change your username at anytime, for direction on how to change your username, click here.

Uploading an Avatar:

Next step is uploading your avatar. You should upload an avatar of your business logo. The ideal image should be no smaller than 150 x 150 pixels and no larger than 700 KB. Here are direction how to upload an avatar.

Adding a Bio:

Bios appear on your profile page at the top under your avatar. They can be anything from a short explanation of your business, products and services to your mission statement. Here are directions on how to change or add a Bio.

Connecting with Additional Social Media:

In addition to sharing your posts on StockTwits, you can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile as well. This makes sharing messages on other social media outlets easy and consistent. Here are direction on how to Connect your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is a CashTag:

What is a CashTag? All messages on StockTwits are linked to different streams via CashTags. A CashTags is created by placing a "$" in front of ticker symbol, for example $AAPL. Anytime you add a CashTag to a message, the message will be posted on that ticker’s stream. Below are several articles on how to use CashTags:

Posting your First Message:

Now that we’ve got your profile setup, and understanding how CashTags work on StockTwits we are ready to send your first message. Messages are posted to your profile on StockTwits along with any ticker stream’s you have CashTagged into the message. You can also send personal messages by @replying to a user, or sending Direct Messages to users you follow. For more on how to share a message check out the following links.

If you have any questions on setting up your StockTwits account please email

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