Example: "Where is the company located?" or "Can I order your product online?"

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Help icon What are the new share icons?

StockTwits now offers more options for sharing messages. You can share any message on StockTwits to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google +, to your email contacts, or embed messages on a page. To share a message, first click anywhere on the message box in the stream to view the single message by itself.

Once on the single message page you should notice several share icon located to the right of the message


Clicking on the different share icons will allow you to share the message to popular social networks, your email contacts, or embed the message on another site.In order of the Icons:

  • The envelope will launch your default mail program to share the message via email.
  • The Facebook icon to Share to Facebook.
  • The Twitter icon to Share to Twitter.
  • The LinkedIn icon toS hare to LinkedIn.
  • The Google Plus icon toShare to Google +
  • The Embed icon to for embed code.

For more on embedding message and requirements, check out the following link

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