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StockTwits now offers plugin for both Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.
StockTwits plugin allow you to share messages to StockTwits from anywhere on the web. Simply click on the StockTwits icon on your browser window and a StockTwits message box will appear.

By default, the message box will include the current page title, and a link to that page. You can then edit this to include your own personal message, or include and cashtags you wish. Click "Share" to send the message to StockTwits.

StockTiwts browser plugin also highligh any existing cashtag on pages and link them back to StockTiwts allowing you to quickly view the stream and see what the community is talking about.

  Installation for Google Chrome


  1. Visit the following link to download the StockTwits Browser plugin for Google Chrome StockTwit Chrome Plugin.
  2. Click the button in the Top Right labeled Add to Chrome.
  3. Click Add to add the plugin.
  4. You have now added the StockTwits Chrome plugin, click the StockTwits icon in the top right to share a message.



Installation for Mozilla Firefox


  1. Visit the following link to download the StockTwits Browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox StockTwits Firefox Plugin.
  2. Click the button labeled Continue to Download under StockTiwts Firefox Extention.
  3. After reading the End-User License Agreeemnt, click Accept and Install
  4. Click Install Now to install The StockTwits Firefox plugin.
  5. You will the be required to restart your browser.
  6. You've now installed the StockTwits Browser plugin for Firefox, click the StockTiwts logo in the top right corner to share a message.


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