A new opportunity for self-directed investors to optimize research time and exploit investment opportunities across a range of financial markets.

Room Highlights:

  1. Financial market coverage includes G-20 equity markets, major commodities & key currency pairs.
  2. Intermarket analysis across various time intervals.
  3. Trend analysis, timing models & stock market leadership review.
  4. An unconstrained and realistic universe of investment ideas, including equities, ETFs & ADRs.
  5. A third-party verified model portfolio based on our investment program.

Moderator (hertcapital):

Sheldon McIntyre is an advisor to HNW individuals and family offices in Chile. His previous positions have included Head Trader, Portfolio Manager and Chief International Strategist. He was recognized as one of the top traders on Twitter in 2014 and 2016 by Options Trading IQ and one of the best technical traders to follow in 2015 by Stocktwits.

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